Where did January go?

Not only has this past month flown by, but I feel like the last few months of 2018 did as well! The year wrapped up with some exciting new things. I had my first jewelry showcase, featuring a jewelry collection and some leather accessory items, where three artists were represented. It was so wonderful to see it all come together and I was completely overwhelmed by the turnout and support I received. Pictured below are a few of my friends who came to show their support and the display of products. This endeavor to create  equip, empower and encourage people, in  the hopes to create sustainability through a trade, has not been without its many challenges. It has been a learning process for sure. So much here in Guatemala is based on relationships, which is so wonderful, but also requires putting in a lot of time. I’m finally reaching a point where I’ve earned their trust. I’ve had to work through a lot of frustration when things don’t go as planned or in the expected timeframe, but I can say that relationships have deepened and there is a deeper level of investment on the artisans behalf. 

I am excited for the possibilities this year, expanding our current collections and adding more artisans!

Speaking of expanding and adding, I recently became an Aunt(again)! Brooks Jason Conn was born on January 13th!  It was such a gift to be able to be there for his birth! There were several delays with my residency and I was told in November it was looking like it wouldn’t be until 2019 until I’d get my interview and be able to complete the process. (I wasn’t able to leave until it was finished). I had come to a place of having peace with not being there for Christmas, but was considering putting the process on hold so I wouldn’t miss being there for his birth. In God’s perfect timing, an interview opened up the end of November, the requirements were completed and I received residency on December 11th. So not only was I there for my nephews birth, but I also got to spend Christmas with my family. It was quite the  surprise and I treasure all the memories made! 

So what’s next?! This year has taken off and the calendar is already fulling up! In addition to One Mercado, I will continue to serve on the leadership team at my church Shoreline, where I have the privilege to oversee our youth program, photography team, and most recently was asked to be the lead on the decor for our sisterhood( women’s) events. Thinking I’ll need do a whole update just on this alone, as it’s a lot! But I am absolutely loving being a part of this church plant, am honored to be a part of their leadership team, and am so grateful for how much they pour into me!

I would love to hear what’s new with you and how I can pray for you! My email is mngoldberg7@gmail.com. Please continue to pray for additional supporters to partner with me, whether monthly or yearly. I am able to receive tax- deductible donations online, by clicking the link below.





One thought on “Where did January go?

  1. Hey Marissa,

    Wow, you’ve been in Guatemala for three years!

    Sounds like your jewelry endeavor is moving ahead 🙂 So glad you’ve found your “home” in your church. What a blessing to you and to them.

    Christ Fellowship is in transition now that Troy Godwin is here to take the main teaching role, and you may have heard that Jerry and Diane will be relocating to Kansas sometime in the near future. That was a surprise.

    Brooke and Raph are in Uganda and Rwanda for the next couple of months, seeking God’s direction for them-still with YWAM but not necessarily full time in S Africa. The base where they are in Uganda is in Jinja and they’ve already seen the Ames once 🙂

    Thanks for your input on health issues when you were here…Carolyn is doing a lot better, though not entirely thru the Lyme thing. How are you doing health wise?




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