Day 41: Just in case you were wondering I am still known as “Masticala” at El Campo! I figure there are worse things to be remembered for then asking kids to chew up horrible tasting medicine, but hey, at least I made a lasting impression!  And of course I made some new friends. It is … More

Day 40: “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.” Psalm 107:1 Thankful that I got to experience the joy on the kiddos faces as I gave them some bags I made for them. They think they are so big and ready for school now because they have a bag! … More

Day 39: It’s hard to put into words what I experienced today. I was asked to join a group to take pictures of their visit to the village of Pueblo Nuevo. The morning began with speaking to the girls and boys separately in the middle and high school about God’s love for them and respect … More

Day 38: What an adventure today was. After a 45 min off-roading experience where we crossed rivers, we finally arrived to Piedra Blanca (white stone) way up in the mountains. I was warned how green and beautiful it was there, but look at these beautiful faces. The sweetest and most welcoming children, who love their … More

Day 37: treehouse coffee house is opening soon at Hope of Life. Cappuccinos + new sweet treats from the bakery = trouble! It was a great and yummy ending to a wonderful day.

Day 35&36: Not sure how many times I have read or heard this verse…a lot. But for some reason as I came across it last night while studying “Armor of God,” I couldn’t dismiss it (like I may have been guilty of doing in the past).  I realized I needed to stop and really think … More

Day 34: My soul is refreshed and renewed after devotions with the Village Church Group. I am so thankful that they invited me to join them in the evenings for a time to discuss the day, read the Bible and sing. While singing some familiar and favorite songs, I realized that I am missing my church. … More

Day 33: movies, Gatorade and crackers…woke up at 4 am and my stomach was not happy…I’ll leave it at that. Praying that since it came on so sudden it will leave soon too! 

Day 32: While working on the bios today for the kids who are going to get sponsored, I can’t help but wonder what each one looks like. When I write about who they live with, what their favorite subject is in school and learn what they want to be when they grow up, there are … More

Day 31: needed this reminder today since I am sick with a head cold and    feeling weak.