Day 89:

Day 89: Going through bios today to make sure information is up to date, double checking if they have been or still need to be sponsored and can’t help but stare at these faces and want to sponsor every single one. My hope is that one day this will be the case. That when we … More Day 89:

Day 88:

These kids are such great helpers. They like to help me hold the bottle for the babies, hand them toys when they cry, collect the bottles when they are empty, hand me a burp cloth and so on. So you can imagine their excitement when I handed them a baby of their own to play … More Day 88:

Day 87:

Guess the chickens saw the welcome sign and decided they found themselves a great new home! So upon returning home I was told we had some new pets. I wasn’t sure if these were unwanted pets or not, as we’ve had a snake in our home, a good supply of scorpions and frogs and a … More Day 87:

Day 86:

No surprise the first day I could head to the hospital and love on the kids, I did! Got to spend the whole day with these crazies. The kids discovered a new game they think is hilarious and that we love, putting tape over their mouths! Don’t worry it didn’t last long! And after about … More Day 86:

Day 85: It’s so good to be back home. While away for two weeks it allowed me to realize that I know more than ever before that this is exactly where I belong. The things I once found challenging and missed are now comforting. As I was at church in TN and we began singing … More

Day 84: headed back to Guatemala. So excited to see my friends and kiddos. 

Day 82:

  The pictures sum it up! Such a fun time in the city having an early birthday celebration. We literally laughed all day! Thank you all for great memories.

Day 81:

Last night at Hope of Life with the four of us. Started out all cute and dressed up and ended up getting pushed in the pool. Pretty sure all Hope of life heard my scream! You got me girls! So thankful to do life with these girls.

Day 80:

Loving¬†on the precious children at the hospital. The reality that I leave Saturday for two weeks is sinking in…bittersweet. But it was a great afternoon filled with laughs, kisses, dancing and my hair getting braided by Yolanda.