As of last Friday, I completed a little over 3 months of Spanish School! So I am done for now…I was able to get a good foundation of tenses and grammar, but have learned that 6 months of school is actually more realistic to really learn the language. And it’s not uncommon for ministries to require that. But for now, I will enjoy a little break. During this break I hope to follow up with and pursue the ministries I have come across that align with my passion, beliefs and commitment I am looking for. I have quickly learned that there are literally hundreds of ministries here. That is a wonderful thing, but can also be overwhelming because it’s hard to know where to start. There is also the fact that not all places are looking for or needing a full time missionary. Can you believe it? Being new to all of this I wasn’t expecting or anticipating it could be such a lengthy process. Just like a job, there are applications, interviews, references required, etc. Ideally, I had hoped to finish school and transition right into ministry, but that was my idea and plan so I am once again relinquishing my plans and having to trust Him daily in what He has for me.

 During these past few months I have finally been able to put words to what I am passionate about and what area of serving I would love to serve in; Orphan Prevention and Advocacy. Specifically with pregnant teen moms, if possible. There is a very high rate of orphans here because their families don’t have the resources to care for them. Add in a young teen mom and the chances get much higher that she will have to abandon her baby. I would like to work with training, encouraging and equipping these young moms to care for their child/children and allow them to stay together. And I would also like to encompass education with that too. Education is not always an option here so helping and nurturing that could have a significant impact on their future. So at least I now have an idea of what specific area I am hoping to serve in. The dilemma is, just like businesses, ministries have areas they focus on too! I have been able to visit a few places that incorporate the area I am interested in or may be open to starting a program like this. So I have narrowed it down to 4 places for now. They are al within a 45 min or so radius of the city so I am hoping to visit/revisit these ministries and further explore if there is a place for me to serve there.
Believe me when I say I have definitely had moments of what am I doing here, but I have also experienced such sweet moments of confirmation. From finding an amazing church that allows me to grow spiritually and be challenged, given me community, and where I recently joined their host team and serve at as a greeter. It is a place where I can meet and fellowship with other missionaries serving here, which has been nothing short of wonderful. I also met a fellow missionary, Vanessa, who will be here for 2 years, and we moved into a little house together. It is so important to have a place to call home, cook, have friends over, and just do normal things I used to do. This house has allowed us to start a Bible Study because we have a place to meet! It is led by another missionary who moved here to do pastoral care for missionaries. Rob is a very wise and gifted teacher, who has been leading a life changing study on the “Foundation of Spiritual Growth”, a study he created!
So I have reached a place where things are starting to really come together, there’s just one minor detail that is lacking. What’s that you ask? You know, that thing called money. I have learned the importance of asking for others to come along side me, encourage, support and pray with me, while I follow God’s call on my life. When I left for Guatemala I had a little over 3 months raised and enough for a plane ticket.  As I mentioned my plan was to know which ministry I would be committing to at this point, but I am still in a waiting period. Along with the ministry would of course come a big announcement of what I’m doing, how much money I need to raise (all positions here are unpaid), how long my commitment to them is, etc. Not knowing all of that yet can make raising support all that more challenging. What I do know it that God will will open the right door at the right time. Stepping out in faith and trusting God will provide, I am asking if you will prayfully consider supporting me financially. I will need to raise about $5,000 to cover my expenses for the next few months and airfare.
Please feel free to email me (mngoldberg7@gmail.com)  if you would like any additional information, have questions or just want to catch up!
All support checks are made out to Christ Fellowship with my name, Marissa Goldberg, in the memo line.
Address to mail checks to is:
(attn: Marissa)
1104 Chestnut Ln Franklin Tn. 37067
As always, thanks for your prayers! They mean so much to me!

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