Day 75:

 Maestra (teacher) Sarah! I’ve been wanting to join Sarah in her classroom to see what preschool is like here. Let me just tell you, she is a great teacher and the kids are adorable! Today they learned about the letter F and that F is for flor(flower). The first class is the youngest group of … More Day 75:

Day 74:

Alma update! In just a little over a month look how much has changed. From a crib and severely malnourished to steadily gaining weight, in a wheelchair and living in Kelly’s House (the home for people with special needs/disabilities, developmental/physical disorders). And I found out the couple who found her and helped rescue her are … More Day 74:

Day 73:

Last Friday while my group was here we spent some time at the elderly home. I have to admit that of all the places to serve in the ministry this is where I spend the least amount of time.  I know that we are all gifted with different gifts and different places to serve, but … More Day 73:

Day 72:

I was able to return to San Nicolas today and bring back one of the little girls with her grandma that we saw at our medical clinic last week. She needed a follow up at the hospital here to receive a full exam. One thing we wanted to do was make sure the medicine we … More Day 72:

Day 71:

Happy Easter! This may have been my first time to not attend church on Easter Sunday, but I learned that not many churches here have services today. We did get to enjoy a great Easter lunch thanks to the Nash Family. Lunch included fresh baked rolls (made by Brian), ham, macaroni and cheese, deviled eggs, mashed … More Day 71:

Day 70:

Technology is a great thing. Found out through Face-timing that I’m going to be an Aunt to a baby BOY! So excited also excited that I was right! HAHAHAand

Day 69:

Can’t believe its the last day that my church is here. Where has the time gone? But it was  great last day. Started the morning out at the hospital with Maria and her son, gave some babies their baths and took the older kids out to the playground. The afternoon was spent bringing cucos (similar … More Day 69:

Day 68:

The kids rooms in the hospital got a coat of fresh paint today. They are now a cheerful yellow and clean white. The team worked really hard for he whole day to paint the main floor.The kids noticed right away that we painted their room!

Day 67:

This day may be, nope it is, my favorite day so far! All the kids from the hospital came down to the pool and got to swim and have a picnic lunch. I have been wanting to take Roxana and her brother Andres swimming for so long. And it happened! The kids loved the water … More Day 67:

Day 66:

We headed back to San Nicolas today to do a little medical clinic. I worked at the deworming station where over 150 people received medicine and probably around another 50 pills were sent with them for husbands and family that couldn’t come that day.  I had a few helpers too that picked up on the … More Day 66: