Where to begin…I went on my first mission trip to Guatemala 2013. It was on that first trip that I had prayed in preparation that God would allow me to see through His eyes, break my heart for what broke His, and use me to show His love. Little did I know that this would not only be a life changing experience, but what I like to refer to as a heart changing experience. It was during that week there that my heart was truly changed. Changed in a way that I felt complete heartache and brokeness to see the level of poverty and desperation, but also changed in a way I wasn’t expecting; overflowing joy and hope. From a stranger’s smile, child’s hug, to a “Hola, Buenos Dias!” every morning, there was true joy at this place like I have never experienced before.  After returning home, I experienced feelings of overwhelming heartache and longing to be back. Those emotions didn’t leave and have continued since my first trip. It was during my trip in 2014 that I felt called to serve full time as a missionary in Guatemala.  Fast forward to a year later and the process has been long, emotional, frustrating and challenging, but now I know God finally has me right where he wanted me; with my hands open, surrendered and ready to follow him. In January 2016 I will be moving to Guatemala to become a full time missionary. I truly believe this is what I was created to do.

This blog will hopefully be a way to stay connected and follow what God is doing in me and the people in Gautemala.




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