Day 147&148

Made it to El Salvador to see people eating lobster they had bought in the fish market. Welcome to the beach! We got there just in time. It wasn’t 30 minutes later that it started pouring rain. It was literally the loudest thunder I have ever heard. We tried to wait it out because we … More Day 147&148

Day 145:

Sometimes I feel like all I do here in Antigua is EAT!! The food is so good and they have restaurants everywhere. Quite different from the food at the ministry. Getting to choose what I want to eat and when is dangerous! I’m taking full advantage of it while I can. Tonight it was dinner at … More Day 145:

Day 144:

When you get asked if you want to join going up to a volcano instead of doing class you say yes! So glad I got to experience Hobbitenango. My teacher and I, along with 2 other students and their teachers, drove about 20 minutes up, up, up to the top! We started on a paved … More Day 144:

Day 143:

I met Kelly last month during her visit to Hope of Life. We didn’t get to spend much time together because we were on different schedules and volunteering in different areas. But the little time that we did get to spend talking was all we needed to connect, share our similar passions about mission work … More Day 143:

Day 142:

Got a surprise video of the sweetest girl ever! Enjoying every day here in Antigua, but missing her like crazy!! She’s just the cutest ever! Looking forward to seeing her and the other kiddos next week.    

Day 140 & 141

This weekend I went with two of my friends I met at Spanish school, Sandra from Germany and Sarah from Colorado, to Lake Atitlan. It’s around 3 hours away and we went by “shuttle” (aka a van). In typical Guatemalan fashion too many people were traveling on this shuttle so we squeezed in together and … More Day 140 & 141

Day 139:

Got to meet for school at a coffee shop today. We ate breakfast and played games! I needed the break! I’ve been wanting to see how they make all these beautiful things for sale in the market and finally got to see a woman doing it! I also decided to go on a spontaneous trip … More Day 139:

Day 138:

For school today my teacher Maribel and I  went on a tour to a coffee museum and a music museum. They also had a nursery with the most beautiful flowers. I learned a lot about the traditional Mayan instruments and the holidays they have here. It was all in all a great time, until my … More Day 138:

Day 137:

Toured a convent and chocolate factory today and had a little wine tasting. My favorite part of the wine tasting was the little cup. The wine, not so much. Tasted like rubbing alcohol with sugar. Good thing the chocolate tour was after!