Day 15: Today has truly been a day of rest…church, lunch, and a nap.

My new accessory

Day 14: I’m sporting a new pink accessory that seems to grab everyone’s attention. Although I love accessories, this is not one I am particularly fond of. Looks like my clumsiness came with me to Guatemala…I am now the proud owner of a pink ace bandage after falling down the stairs last week. Luckily, my … More My new accessory

Day 13: I’m getting the hospital routine down…breakfast, bath, dressed, hair and teeth brushed. I’ve been spending as much time with this little guy as possible. As one of the newer rescues, he is so tiny!I love feeding him his bottle and watching him change every day. I can already see a difference in the … More

Day 12: Look who I got to see today, Victoria! The little baby that I was a part of rescuing last September. She is back at the hospital for parasites…Hate to hear this, but so thankful they have a place she can come and get treated. Beyond grateful that I got to see her today, … More

  Day 11: I must confess…I was not all that excited to hear I was going to spend the afternoon at the Elderly Home. I was asked to read the Bible to them, in Spanish. My first thought was I can barely speak Spanish¬†let alone read it. It was suggested I read John 3. I … More

Day 10: I spent the morning working in the office with sponsorship. So much goes into getting the children ready to be sponsored. One thing that was needed was for me to help write the bio’s. There are 30 kids from the village Los Jocotes that are now one step closer to getting sponsored. I … More

Day 10: Today was a great day. I finally got to see my sponsor kids! Zoila and Alejandro got to come to Hope of Life last time I was here so I was wondering if they would remember me. They did! Their mom did too. And I also got to meet their other sister, Maria … More

Day 9: Church at Pata Galana. Thankful for a song I recognize. Praise and worship is my favorite so I am looking forward to learning these songs in Spanish.

Day 8: “Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, and whose hope is in the LORD.” ¬†Jeremiah 17:17 The new view from out home, yes HOME! We moved to the orphanage and got a house. We now have a kitchen, our own bathrooms and a living room. Getting all moved in and settled … More

Day 7: I was asked to join a team to take pictures of the fiesta they threw for the village EL Oasis. There were games, pinatas and cupcakes! Just this week I’ve had the opportunity to see three different villages. While I am here I want to see and learn as much as I can! … More