Day 176:

Set a new record today of treating 94 families in the village of Los Limones! We worked 5 hours straight without any breaks to make sure everyone got medicine. I don’t have a final count, but I’d say somewhere between 700-800 people we’re treated.

Day 175:

I didn’t even get her name. She walked into the church and I glanced at her, I’m not even sure we made eye contact, but before I could look back  I felt her arms around me.  Her head on my chest and arms wrapped around me. She climbed into my lap after a few minutes and … More Day 175:

Day 174:

Thank you to everyone who helped collect, drop off and wash(thanks mom) all the clothes for the kids here. They arrived and I finally got them all sorted and organized. A huge bag went to the three toddler rooms at the orphanage and I’d say they loved them! I dropped them off late Saturday night … More Day 174:

Day 173:

“You can find Me in each moment, when you have eyes that see and ears that hear. Ask My Spirit to sharpen your spiritual eyesight and hearing.” – Jesus Calling This was my prayer the first time I visited Guatemala in 2012 and continues to be today.

Day 172:

Aright, I have had several people mention that they wish they knew what to bring when they come to visit Hope of Life. I could have a list for every area, but I’m going to start with the pharmacy at the hospital. They rely on donations and are very low or completely out of the … More Day 172:

Day 170:

I am so proud of this mama! I was asking her last night how old she was because I couldn’t believe she really had a daughter. When she said 16 and I did the math that her daughter was 4 my heart sank. To learn she became a mom at 12 and not by choice … More Day 170:

Day 169:

Haircut time! So impressed with how good the kids did getting their haircut. The boys are much cooler now with their buzzed heads, while the little girls got bangs and the big girls got layers! Oh and it was Roxana’s first real haircut. So glad I got to be there.