Day 167:

To the city & back= a 12 hour day. As in 4 am to 4 pm to get this paper. It is was all worth it though because this allows me to stay another 90 days without having to leave yo country! If only I didn’t have to go back again in a week to … More Day 167:

Day 166:

Today we left early for the jungle, like 2:30 am early! It takes a few hours to get there and we were in a school bus so even longer. We spilt up into 3 groups and were dropped off at different villages to give out deworming medicine and food bags. I ended up at a … More Day 166:

Day 165:

Got to spend some time at Kelly’s House today (the home for kids with special needs). They were all dressed so nicely for the visit of the First Lady today! Yes, the presidents wife came to visit hope of life today! Irma was full of smiles even though  we didn’t a picture with one.

Day 163:

As I rode to church on the school bus filled with all the kids from the orphanage, I thought there is no place I’d rather be. Being able to see them singing and clapping their hands I just couldn’t stop smiling. Like a proud mama I just watched them and tried to take it all … More Day 163:

Day 162:

  Visited the village of Los Limones today to help with a birthday party for one of the boys who is sponsored there. His sponsor wanted to have a party for him so we helped! We brought a piñata, cake, tamales and gifts. It was great to see how much fun the kids had.  

Day 161:

Sophie, love this sweet girl. She brought me a piece of cake when it was her birthday, stuck her head in the window to say hi as soon as she saw I was back from Antigua, always greets me with a hug, loves to take selfies, teases me constantly and is simply the sweetest!

Day 160:

Roxana and Andres got brought up to the orphanage this past week, which means we are neighbors! So excited for them and that they are no longer living in the hospital. I think Roxana has been a little overwhelmed going from life in a hospital to now having a playground, going to church, friends her … More Day 160:

Day 158:

Finally getting back in the “swing” of things! (Sorry, couldn’t resist). One of my favorite things about living up at the orphanage is the warm greetings I receive when I return home. There’s nothing like kids yelling your name, running to you for a hug and seeing their smiling faces. It really is the best … More Day 158: