Day 175:

I didn’t even get her name. She walked into the church and I glanced at her, I’m not even sure we made eye contact, but before I could look back  I felt her arms around me.  Her head on my chest and arms wrapped around me. She climbed into my lap after a few minutes and sat this way with me for over a half hour. She’d occasionally look up at me and we’d make eye contact and smile at each other. We didn’t need to talk. She just needed to be held and loved on.

As her mom called her to leave, I regretted not knowing her name or getting a picture with her. As we got into the car to leave a while later I told the girls about her. Right before we turned out onto the main road, there she was. I hopped out of the car and she hopped off the motorcycle. As she ran into my arms I asked her name and if we could take a picture. I prayed that she would remember the way my arms felt around her and know that the Heavenly Father holds her in His arms the same way. And although my hug ended, His never will.


One thought on “Day 175:

  1. So thankful that you are willing to be there, and to be the arms of Jesus wrapping around those precious children.
    Much love and continued prayers for you, dear friend.


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