Day 170:

I am so proud of this mama! I was asking her last night how old she was because I couldn’t believe she really had a daughter. When she said 16 and I did the math that her daughter was 4 my heart sank. To learn she became a mom at 12 and not by choice took everything in me to not burst in tears right there in front of her. But regardless of the circumstances she is doing a wonderful job raising her daughter. Paula is such a sweet, happy and well mannered little girl. I couldn’t handle the cuteness hearing her little voice as she prayed before we ate. Precious! Just so thankful they are here and can grow up in a safe place like Hope of Life.


2 thoughts on “Day 170:

  1. They are the ones making such a difference in my life. Susan, I am so glad to hear that. That is exactly what I hope to do; give these people a voice and let others know and see the faces of what the reality is like in Guatemala. Thank you for your prayers. They are always appreciated!


  2. You are making a difference in the lives of so many, Marissa. Thank you for connecting us to their stories. It helps me know how to pray and gives me names and faces to bring before our Gracious and Merciful Heavenly Father.


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