Day 69:

Can’t believe its the last day that my church is here. Where has the time gone? But it was  great last day. Started the morning out at the hospital with Maria and her son, gave some babies their baths and took the older kids out to the playground. The afternoon was spent bringing cucos (similar to an icey) to the Elderly Home, painting some nails, coloring and singing for them. blog_7_IMG_8370-1024x768.jpg The two David’s. This guy is so sweet. He always says hi to me,helps out sponsorship with the food bags and is always in a good mood! blog_7_IMG_8410-1024x768.jpgblog_7_IMG_8412-1024x768.jpgPainting Mirian’s nails. She is the one who patiently taught me to read John 3 in Spanish!

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