Baby Rescue Video with Hope of Life Intl.


One of the things I hope this blog does it to let people experience what life is like in Guatemala. The other thing I want to do is to show you all of the wonderful things that Hope of Life does. Every week, and often several times a week, baby rescues occur. This is one of the areas I am most passionate about. I was fortunate enough to participate in a rescue during my last trip this year. This video was made to educate and bring awareness of the need for rescues. All three of these children were rescued in time to receive the necessary medical treatment to save their lives. But not all children are rescued in time. This program operates solely on donations. It costs $1200 to provide the rescues and treatment. Just $1200 to save a life. Having participated in this,  I never thought I would get to partake in saving a life, let alone three lives.  This was one of the most emotional and challenging experiences I have ever participated in, but by far the most rewarding 8 hour day I’ve ever had.

To learn more about Baby Rescues please click on the link below:

Child Rescue

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